Getting Started with AutoCAD

An Introduction to AutoCAD
Angular Measurement
Entering Points in AutoCAD
Icons, Keystrokes and Menus
The AutoCAD Screen
Basic AutoCAD Terminology
Introduction to Drawing and Modify Commands
Drawing lines to exact points
Basic Drawing Skills
Modifying Commands
Object Snaps
Accurate Input
Selecting Objects in AutoCAD
More Modifying Commands
Layers and Dimensioning
Direct Distance Entry
Polar Tracking
Object Snap Tracking
Object Properties
Other objects
Changing Layers

Planning a Project
Planning a Project
Zooming and Panning
Formatting Text
Creating New Textsyles
Layout Tabs - Paper space & Model space

Introduction to 3-D
Introduction - why 3-d?
3-D Cad Terminology
Isometric Drawing
Working In 3 Dimensions
Viewing 3-D Objects
Basic wire-frame models
Line thickness
Regions and 3-D surfaces
New project
Extruding to create 3Dobjects
Revolved objects
Adding materials
Primitive solids
Boolean operations
The user co-ordinate system (ucs)
Mapping materials
Creating new materials

Advanced Topics
Autocad Template Files
Using Object snaps In Autocad
Linetypes And Linetype Scale
Autocad File Formats
Grip Editing
Autocad's Inquiry Tools
Using X-Refs In Autocad
System Variables
Sheet Set Overview
Dimensioning And Dimension Styles