Introduction of CorelDraw

Advantage of CorelDraw
Installing CorelDraw
Description of Window of CorelDraw
Shapes & Objects

Getting Started
Menu Bar
Tool Bar
Property Bar
Starting Coreldraw
Working with Template
Saving of a Document
Print Preview
Printing of a Document

Basics of CorelDraw
Creating Basic Shapes
Working with Shape Tool
Appling Outline & Fills
Adding Text to Document
Working with eraser & knife tool
Working with Grid & Guidelines

Working with various Objects & Shapes
Welding of Two Objects or shapes
Trimming of an Object
Combining of two Objects
The Intersection Command
Transformation or resizing of an Object
Powerclip on Object
Aligning of Objects
Working with Curves

Effects on objects
Creating Drop Shadow
Creating Blending Effect
Fill Text with Pattern
Working with Envelop Tool
3D-Effect on Object
Applying Perspective

Working with Text
Working with Artistic Text
Working with Paragraph Text
Formatting Text
Moving Text Block/Rotating

Importing & Exporting of Object
Importing object in a document
Exporting object

Tips & Tricks in CorelDraw
Tracing of Logo and various objects
Creation of beautiful patterns
Use of Nudge Offset button
Drawing of a vector image
An Overview on Fountain Fills

Working with Bitmaps
Converting Objects to Bitmap
Edit Bitmap
Cropping Bitmap
3D Effects
Art Strokes
Blur Strokes
Disort Effects

* Indicates the Animated      Presentation