Linux Basics

Introduction to Linux

The Unix era
History of Linux
Linux today
Why Linux?
What is Linux Distribution?
Different Linux Distributions
Some Popular Linux Distributions
How to Choose a Distribution?
Downloading Linux

Installing Linux
Pre-install Tasks
Installing Linux
Post Installation Tasks

Getting Started With Linux
Logging into Linux
Desktop Elements
Working with Desktop
Creating new Desktop Folder
Creating Desktop shortcuts

Desktop Environments
X Windows System
Gnome Desktop Environment
Other DE and Window Managers

Linux Office Applications(OpenOffice.Org)
Using Word Processor
Spreadsheets and Presentation
Creating PDF

Working with Terminal/Shell
Introduction to Linux Shell
Starting and Customizing Shell interface
Basic Shell commands
Basic File Manipulation commands
Basic Directory commands
Using Vi editor
Using nano text editor

Multimedia and Games
Playing a Song on Linux
Playing Audio CD
Playing VCD and DVD
Playing Linux Games

Internet Tools
Configuring your Network
Web Browsers
Download managers
IM Clients

Working with other Linux Applications
Using Text editor Paint brush & Calculator
Creating Icon and Taking Screen Shots
Creating Zip files with File Roller
Setting Alarm with KAlarm

Ten Most Popular Linux Distributions
Using Help