Introduction to PageMaker

Advantages of PageMaker

Getting Started
Opening the PageMaker*
Creating a New Document
New Document Windows
PageMaker Toolbox*
Saving file using Save As*
Opening an existing Document

PageMaker Components
Dialog Boxes

Automate your work
PageMaker Styles*
Using PageMaker Templates
Using Master Page

Layout Leading
Adjusting Space
Advance Charter Formating
Working with Kerning*
Using Spacing
Inserting and Removing Pages
Working with Columns

Working with Plug-ins
Working with the Add Cont'd Line
Balancing Columns
Applying Bullets and Numbers
Changing case of Text
Working with Drop Cap
Using the Grid Manager
Using Build Booklet Plug-in
Using running Headers & Footers
Selector Option

Working With Graphics
Drawing with PageMaker
Panning Graphics
Using Text Wrap

Working With Color
Applying Color
Creating New Color
Using Color Library

Printing Your document
Printing a standard document*