Introduction to LAMP and PHP

Introduction to LAMP
Getting Your Environment Ready
Alternatives available on Windows
Introduction to PHP
Why PHP?
Where do PHP Stands?

Getting Started with PHP
Choosing an Editor
Testing your Environment
First PHP script

PHP Basics
PHP Syntax
PHP comments
PHP Operators
PHP Execution Operator - Executing Server Side Commands

Variable, Arrays & String
PHP Variables
PHP String
PHP Arrays
Explode and Implode

PHP Flow control and looping
PHP Loops

PHP Functions
What is a PHP function?
Creating and using simple functions
Passing parameter to a Function
Returning values from function
Built-in Functions
File inclusion functions

Object Oriented Programming with PHP5
Benefits of OOP
Difference between PHP4 & PHP5
Classes and Objects in PHP5
Creating and Using Classes in PHP5

Working with File System & I/O
Working with Directories
Working with Files
Creating, Copying, moving and Deleting File

Working with Forms
Creating Simple HTML form
More Complex Form
Using validation with Forms

Working with Database
Creating a Connection
Retrieving Database and Table list
Creating Databases and Tables
Using MySQL DML command
Retrieving record from database
Error Handling

Session management and Cookie
What is a Cookie?
Creating and Using Cookie
What is a PHP Session?
Using Session management in PHP

PHP Advanced
Handling File Upload
PHP E-mail
PHP Filter

PHP Filter