MS PowerPoint 2007

Introduction to MS PowerPoint-2007?

What's New?
How to Start PowerPoint 2007?*
Application Window of PowerPoint 2007
PowerPoint Help*
Exit from PowerPoint 2007*

A First Look at Power Point 2007
Microsoft Office Button
Quick Access Toolbar
The Title Bar
The Ribbon
Mini Toolbar
Slide Views*

Make a Start with PowerPoint
Create a New Presentation
Enter Text
Save a New Presentation*
"Save as" an Existing Presentation*
"Renaming" an Existing Presentation
Close a Presentation*

Modifying a Content
Select Text*
Copy the Text*
Cut the Text*
Paste the Text*
Undo the Last Operation
Redo the Next Operation
Bullet and Numbered List*
Check the Spell of the Text*

Working with Slide
Adding a Slide*
Deleting a Slide*
Moving a Slide*
Copying a Slide*
Paste a Slide*
PowerPoint View*

Formatting Text
Change Font Style,Size & Color*
Insert Word Art*
Change Paragraph Alignment,Indent & Text Direction*
Background Styles*

Slide Effect
Custom Slide Animation*
Slide Transition*
Animation Preview & Slide Show Option*

Working With Graphics
Inserting Picture & Clipart*
Edit Pictures & Clipart
Adding Shapes on your Slide*
Insert SmartArt*
Adding a Photo Album*
Insert Chart's

Creating & Customizing
Method for Create a Table*
Enter Text into the Table
Adding Rows & Columns*
Deleting Column
Deleting Row
Splitting a Table*

Printing a Presentation
Preview of a Print*
Print a Presentation*
Package a Presentation

Keyboard Shortcuts for Power-Point 2007
Know the Various Keyboard Shortcuts

* Indicates the Animated Presentation