Windows Vista

The Basics of Windows Vista

New features in Windows Vista
Vista Versions
Logging On
The Vista Screen

Getting Started with Vista
Working with Mouse
Using the Keyboard
Using the Welcome Center
Viewing the Demos
Using the Desktop
Using the Start Menu
System Tray
Using the Taskbar and Quick Launch
Exiting Vista
Logging off the Computer
Restarting & Turning off the Computer

Working with Vista
Application Basics
Moving Around in a Program
Launching Help from an Application
Ending a Frozen Program
Exiting a Program
Working with a Window

Working with Files & Menus
Understanding Files & Folders
Basics of Menus

Basic Vista Programs
Notepad & WordPad
Windows Media Player
Managing your Contacts
Windows Photo Gallery

Using Internet on Vista
Launching Internet Explorer
IE 7 User Interface
Surfing Internet with new the IE 7

Using Windows Vista Help
Windows Vista Help