MS Word 2007

Know the MS Word-2007?

What's New in Word 2007?
How to Install Word 2007?
How to Start Word 2007?
Application Window of Word 2007
Word Help
Exit from Word 2007

Word 2007 Application Window
Microsoft Office Button
The Ribbon
The Title Bar
Quick Access Toolbar
Mini Toolbar
The Ruler
The Text Area
Horizontal & Vertical Scroll Bars
How to Click
How to Move within a Document
Different View of Document's

Different Operation's on Document
Create Your First Document
Open an Existing Document
Saving a New Document
"Save as" an Existing Document
Renaming a Document
Close a Document
Print Preview of a Document
Print Your Document

Edit Text of Your Document
How to Type a Text
Use of Backspace
Delete a Text
Selecting a Text
Bold Your text
Italicize Your text
Underline Your text
Create Auto Text

Revise your Word Document
Find (Search) & Replace Your Text
Cut the text
Copy the text
Paste the text
Undo the last operation
Redo the operation

Decorate Your Document
Give Styles
Changing Font Type & Font Size
Font Styles & Effects
Change Font Color
Highlight Your Text
Bullets & Numbering

Paragraph Formatting
Change Alignment of Paragraph
Indent Your Paragraphs
Add Borders & Shading on Page
Apply Styles
Change Spacing Between
Paragraphs & Lines

Drawing Tools
Draw Line & arrows
Draw different Auto Shapes
Insert Text Boxes
Insert Word Art
Create Shadows and 3d effect
Change Line Color & Fill Color

Working with Graphics
Insert Image from file
Insert Image from Clip Art
Insert Various SmartArt
Insert Charts
Text Wrapping
Aligning Graphics
Rotate Graphics
Add Page Color
Page Border
Insert Date and Time

Table: Creating & Customizing
Method for Create a Table
Enter Text into the Table
Insert Row & Columns
Deleting Row & Column
Deleting Entire Table
Table Styles
Splitting a Table
Merge Cells

Review Your Word Document
Spell Check
Auto Correct
Create a New Default Dictionary
Check Word Count

References for a Document
Header & Footer
Page Number
Table of Contents
Citations & Bibliography
Add Bookmark
Add Comments

Use Mail Merge
What is Mail Merge?
Create an Envelope in Mail Merge
Create Labels
Create a Mail Merge Document
Write & Insert Fields
Preview Results
Finish Mail Merge

What is a Macro?
How to Record a Macro?
How to Run a macro?
Deleting a Macro
How to view a Macro?

Different Settings for Page
What is Page Setup?
What is Page Break?
How to Set the Margins?
How to Set the Page Size?

Creating Web Page
What is Hyperlink?
Create a hyperlink to a e-mail
How to save a web pages?

Protect Your Word Document
Protect Document from unauthorized action
Restricted Access
Unrestricted Access

Keyboard Shortcuts for Word-2007
Know the Various Keyboard Shortcuts

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